Founder's message

Jul 21, 2023

Story of Agewhale

When my grandparents needed care towards the end of their lives, I experienced first hand the challenges and rollercoaster of emotions family carers face: fear, grief, guilt, stress, confusion and exhaustion.

I was completely unprepared for being a caregiver and unaware of resources that could ease our family’s burden. There were many hard lessons learned and regrets of what I wish I had done differently. So much time was spent on figuring out the caregiving arrangements instead of cherishing the numbered days with my grandparents.

This is why I founded Agewhale with the hope of helping other carers feel more informed, supported and confident about caregiving. Not only do I hope we can live a long life like whales, I hope we can age well with dignity and quality of life.

Caregiving is hard but I believe it doesn't always have to be overwhelming. Caring for our loved ones shouldn't come at the cost of our career, personal life and health. With the right resources, guidance and community, caregiving can be a positive and meaningful experience for all of us.

Let's work together to create a kinder world for our elders and the people who care for them. Our loved ones deserve to age well - and so do we.

- Grace Cheng, founder of Agewhale

Why the name 'Agewhale'?

Our unique name came from our mission - helping older persons 'age well' with meaning, dignity, and quality of life.

Whales are amongst Earth's longest-living animals, with some species reaching over 200 years old! Within their tight-knit lifelong pods, whales support and care for each other. At Agewhale, we hope to foster the same support networks for older persons and carers to promote aging well in place.

When older whales pass, their decomposed bodies enrich the deep ocean floor with nutrients fostering new life in what's called a 'whale fall'. When our loved ones are gone, we believe their love and memories live on and continue nourishing who we become. Agewhale’s goal is to make caregiving a positive experience that can be a source of joy and connections.

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