Empower your employees with resources and skills for caregiving

As Hong Kong’s population ages and birth rate declines, more and more of your employees will take on caregiving responsibilities of their aging family members. Without adequate preparation and support to your employee-caregivers, eldercare responsibilities may lead to poor well-being, lower productivity, increased absenteeism, and attrition. Agewhale’s talks and workshops aim to raise awareness about the importance of caregiving preparation and empower your employees with useful resources, tools, and guides about caregiving. Our talks and workshops can be tailored based on each organization’s specific needs and priorities.

Some signature programs include:

Care planning foundation

An introductory talk on caregiving preparation and an overview of community resources in Hong Kong. 

Coping strategies for carers

An informative session to share effective self-care and stress management strategies. 

Building a carer-friendly workplace

An informative session for HR department and senior management to learn about best practices of a carer-friendly workplace

Conversations that count

An interactive session to learn practical communication skills for discussing care options and plans with older loved ones and other family members.

Life of a carer

An experiential workshop on the caregiving journey to gain a better understanding of what to expect in caregiving. 

Feedback from our participants

Today I listened to your lunch talk, it was very inspiring. What you said is so true, becoming a caregiver often comes without much warning, but most people tend to deceive themselves into thinking that day won't come so soon, so they often choose to avoid it. Thank you for selflessly sharing, hoping that more people will pay attention to this issue and prepare early.

It was an inspiring and insightful session with Grace Cheng, who shared her vision and experience of promoting diversity and inclusion through her NGO Agewhale. She highlighted the challenges and opportunities that women face as caregivers in their families and workplaces, and how they can balance their roles and responsibilities.

Grace is great and the talk was very useful and informative. Really admire what she does and the mission of her company.

Very good presentation. Enlightening.

Previously delivered sessions at

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Mayer Brown
ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

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